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Many people love living in Washington, District of Columbia which is the hub of the government of the United States. There’s certainly a different atmosphere in Washington than in every other city in the country, but some things are still the same. Car insurance, for instance, is a necessity wherever you live and the residents of Washington, D.C. are well aware of that. Like most states in the union there is some level of mandatory liability coverage for folks living and driving in this city that is home to the White House.

If you need more coverage than the minimum affords but you still want to find cheap car insurance in Washington, District of Columbia, consider any of the following approaches which may offer a discount:

• If you belong to any groups or organizations ask them about group coverage. Many organizations offer group insurance to their members. One of the advantages of group insurance is that it almost always results in cheaper car insurance premiums.

• If the group doesn’t have coverage, ask your insurer about discounts. Some groups, including some automobile club memberships or professional organizations are offered discounts with regular car insurance companies. Ask about this each time you sign up with a new insurer.

• Take a defensive driving course. If you’ve been in a few accidents and your car insurance rates reflect that, take a course in defensive driving. Many car insurance companies will offer a discount to their clients who take this step towards better driving habits in the future.

Some people in search of cheap car insurance in Washington, District of Columbia made the bold move of moving to a new neighborhood in the city. As with most major cities some areas are more prone to crime and violence. Some insurance companies will lower rates when a vehicle owner is living in a safer environment.

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